Logan Miller Entry 2


September 22 2013

The current event I chose to write about is the recent shooting at the Navy yard in Washington DC this past week. The article i read from the new york times talks a lot about the damage that was done and how the man did his damage. Aaron Alexis, a 34 year old man from Texas was the lone gunman that killed twelve people and injured many others. According to this article Mr. Alexis drove a rental car onto the Navy Yard and used his construction key to enter freely while he shot down his first victim. He then shot two more people on his way to the upper balcony above the room where soldiers were eating breakfast. That is said to be the place where he killed most of his victims. Also, authorities are saying this is not a terrorist attack, but are still in search for his motive to do such a brutal crime.


What I took away from this is that the level of security around the front gate needs to be more attentive. Whether or not this man had access to the yard by way of a construction is irrelevant to me. Had the Navy checked the background of its construction workers, this might have been prevented. If they had checked this mans background they would have seen that he has history with guns and violence and he also had been given a general discharge do to weird misbehavior, so he might not have gotten a key to freely access the yard. While i say the Navy could have possibly prevented this, its not one hundred percent their fault. Really the only other way this could have been prevented is by people just being good citizens and not doing something so pointless and harsh because of anger or whatever problems they are facing in their life. 


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