Evan Finley Post #2

Evan Finley Post #2

Summary: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has spoken publicly to say that “a constructive approach” to world issues, including his own nations nuclear energy program, is the way to go. President Rouhani has expressed his feelings on the feud between the US and Iran and believes that issues should be engaged “on the basis of equal footing and mutual respect.” President Rouhani, like Russian President Putin, has used US press to show the American people how he feels. He, unlike Putin, used a tone of hope and up bringing, and seems very optimistic and positive. 

Rouhani spoke on the topic of nuclear energy and weapons, and has said that Iran has no intention to make or seek nuclear weapons, and never have. From what Rouhani has said, Iran are mastering the Atomic fuel cycle and nuclear energy program to diversify their energy use resources. Mastering these two things to the Iranian people is also about their demand for respect and dignity, and an ensuing place in the world. 

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is Iran’s most powerful figure, but President Rouhani has said that he and his delegation have complete authority and power, and will handle the issue of Nuclear energy. Rouhani and Obama have been keeping in touch this summer, and Rouhani has expressed that their relationship has been “positive and constructive.” US secretary of state Kerry has seen Rouhani’s remarks as “positive”, but has said that things still need to be “put to the test.”

At this moment in time, relations between the US and Iran seem positive and optimistic with both sides willing to talk diplomatically. No plans have been set yet, but considering the sudden “constructive and positive” attitude of President Rouhani future plans will come and hopefully progress follows. 


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