Andrew Norman–Kenyan Terrorist Situation

22 September 2013

The Kenyan government is currently mobilizing more troops to eliminate the terrorist threat in a large, Israeli owned shopping center outside of Nairobi. Between 10 and 15 attackers suddenly raised guns in the mall earlier yesterday. First they asked all practicing Muslims to raise their hands saying “we are here to save you.” They then proceeded to open fire on all non-Muslims in their path while taking others hostage. So far 68 deaths and over 100 injuries mark the toll of this terrorist attack. Among the dead are noted Ghanian poet Kofi Awoonor, the nephew of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, the fiancee of Kenyatta, several Kenyan children, and a great number of international tourists. The Somalian extremist group al-Shabab claims responsibility for the attack; they have said that they carried out the attack in response to Kenyan military involvement in Somalia since 2011. At the moment, President Kenyatta has called for unity within Kenya to mourn the dead while also assuring the elimination of the remaining terrorists. Early this morning Kenyan troops and special ops entered the mall, capturing one insurgent and pushing the remainder into a small corner of the lower floor. An outcome of Kenyan endeavors should occur by the end of the day.

BBC news was covered in headlines of extremist terrorist attacks as Kenya attempts to eliminate insurgents and Pakistan recovers from a horrific suicide bombing this morning. Al-Shabab and the Pakistani Taliban claim that they carried out the attacks because of Kenyan and US military intervention, respectively. This to me seems excellent logic: “We are killing you so that you stop killing us for killing you in the first place.” Above all this stream of events worldwide suggests that the international War on Terror is as active as ever. As the Middle East continues to implode in its own version of the Dark Ages (religious extremism, pervasive violence, no education), one cannot help look upon terrible and power-hungry dictators like Bashar al-Assad without a hint of gratitude: at least they keep everything together to some degree. In all honesty if the US had launched a strike on Syria, the world would be stuck with the genocide and contagious violence so perfectly illustrated by Somalia and areas of the Middle East. 


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