Yiwen Tao, Entry#1

Article: U.S. and Russia reach deal to destroy syria’s chemical arms


Summary: The United States and Russia reached an agreement in Geneva. The joint announcement is to called for Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons to be removed or to be destroyed by the middle of 2014. The united States may still having military action in Syria, but Russia is on the opposite side and Russia disagree the war between America and Syria. A senior of Obama administration official said ” The real final responsibility here is Syria.” It means they think the best result is Syria removes the chemical weapon, or they will face the war.

Analysis: With the conflict between the United States and Syria, more and more problems happened between these two countries. Now Syria tried to use the chemical weapons in the civil war and this led to a very bad result. The United States and Russia announced to called for Syria removed or destroyed the chemical weapons by the middle of 2014 or America will still have the military action in Stria. The United Nation should keep leading the communication and the meeting between the countries to made Syria remove and destroy the chemical weapons as soon as possible and prevent the possibility of the military action.


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