Tim Bartz, Entry 1


American Relations with Syria


Obama Says Iran Shouldn’t Misinterpret U.S. Response To Syria

     In an interview last Friday, one of President Obama’s main objectives was to communicate how the situation in Syria should transfer over to the nuclear status in Iran. He wanted to ensure that Iran not interpret the United States’ diplomatic response as a gateway to start developing nuclear weapons. The President made it clear that military force will still be used against Iran if the U.S. sees their response to the Syrian use of chemical weapons as a threat to international security.  

     In the same interview, President Obama defended his “uneven” approach to the situation in Syria. The President waffled from the possibility of war, to the approval in Congress, to the threat of airstrikes, before finally settling on diplomacy. President Obama claimed that while his plan may have lacked style, it produced results, and in the end, that is all that matters. Just because the situation with Syria may have looked ugly over the past couple weeks, does not mean the problem cannot be fixed. The President is confident in his standings with Syria and Iran, and hopes that in the upcoming week he will be able to focus more on the economy at home than international relations.





2 thoughts on “Tim Bartz, Entry 1

  1. The situation with Iran is a perfect example of what we talked about in our last class concerning President Obama’s decision to seek out a diplomatic solution. Mr. Shechtman talked about the fear throughout the U.S. that President Obama may be setting a “weak” precedent when it comes to dealing with chemical and nuclear weapons. Not only Iran, but other powerful nations with nuclear capabilities may see this reaction to the use of chemical weapons in Syria as a reason to start developing more and more deadly weapons. It is because of this fear that President Obama confronted Iran on the issue of nuclear weapons.

  2. I believe that had President Obama not addressed the connection between the situation in Syria and the use of nuclear weapons in Iran, Iran would still realize the possible consequences of their actions regarding weapon development. Everyone knows the potential threat of nuclear war, so to take an unfair advantage of the United States’ desire for peace and diplomacy would place Iran in a very “hot” seat on the world stage.

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