RJ, Entry 1


     This article talks about how Secretary of State John Kerry planning to meet with Russia to make peace and figure out how to disarm Syria. President Obama is also okay with this plan to make allies with other countries to find a way to eventually destroy Syria’s chemical weapons. Mr. Kerry is trying to find a proposal to get Syria to agree to end their weapons, he will also be traveling to Jerusalem to talk peace talks with the Middle East. Mr. Kerry did agree that the Military strike was needed after the chemical attack aug. 21 but it couldn’t be allowed because it would be like Iraq all over again.                                                            

     I think John Kerry is going about this the right way, he isn’t being too aggressive. If he were to be too aggressive they would want to answer retaliate or take it the wrong way. Him going to other countries to make peace so they can all find a way to put an end to Syria’s chemical weapons is a good idea, he’s taking a passive approach. He wants an end to this but is handling it differently than Obama would’ve wanted to. This approach is good for our country because it’s likely for them to want to attack us, not saying they won’t at all but with him being passive maybe they won’t feel harmed. Kerry’s approach also would have this issue not end up like Iraq. 




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