Matt Kelly, Entry 1

After addressing the nation, president Obama was certain that he would react against Syria with a planned air strike. It was just a matter of the U.S coming in agreement with Russia to remove Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons and have them be punished for violating international law. Syria’s liability of their arsenal will be seen within the next week as they are to provide a listing of their active chemical weapons. This list would include types of weapons and rate at which they are produced. Mostly importantly where, so U.S military can act accordingly if Assad doesn’t take ownership of committing a international crime. With the U.S and Russia acting as counterparts, “if fully implemented, this framework can provide greater protection and security of the world” secretary John Kerry states. If Mr. Assad doesn’t come to agree to these terms offered by U.N then military action will take place. Whether or not any of Syria’s chemical stocks have been moved to Iraq or Lebanon a missile strike can be used, this strike would be targeted at Syria’s most productive active chemical weapon site. This would be action that would provide a back bone and a clear message that there are consequences to such corruption.


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