Logan Miller Entry 1

Unit of Study: U.S. issues with Syria
Headline: Syria chemical weapons plan poses unprecedented challenge

Synopsis: This article is discussing the outcome of John Kerry’s meeting with Russia and the agreement to take away Syria’s chemical weapons as well as the availability of the military. Jeffery White, an analysist for the Washington Institue is also brought up in this article in terms of the rebels and how that could effect the goals of the military if they must go to Syria. This story is huge right now because Syria should not have the right to use chemical weapons and right now is the point where Syria either loses them or keeps them. The agreement that we are trying to develope with Russia is going to be the breaking point.

My feel on the this entire situation with Syria is that the chemical weapons should be taken away and nobody should get to use them especialy if you are using them in the wrong way. Also in terms of the use of the military, they should not be sent to forcfully fix this problem unless other tactics will not work. Violence should be the last option just because the U.S. does not need to lose more troops then it already has in these past couple of years. In class we watched president Obamas adress on Tv and learned that he is going to go agaisnt congress and that is something I do not agree with. The president and congress both need to reach an agreement before the next move is made regardless if both parties have to sacrifice something or not. In the end what I would like to see is the least amount of violence as possile just so lives are not lost.


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