Evan Post #2

Evan Post #2

After a week or so the UN has finally reported that the chemical weapons were indeed used. The UN has reportedly found sarin, which is a type of gas. The U.N. Secretary, General Ban Ki-moon, has said that the chemical weapons like sarin was used in Damascus and in high quantities. Through tests of the skin and hair of survivors and many other tests, the chemical weapons were used. The UN however did not assign someone to blame for the attack. The US, France, and Britain say it was the Syrian regime, where Russia and Syria blame the rebels. the fault though was very much on the Syrian Regime because they were found with it and the chances of the rebels having it is low, and the world is very much sure it was the Syrian regime. The plan for the Weapons is to take them away and destroy them through a process, and then destroying the chemicals. Russia has brought up the point about how to enforce the taking of weapons and has said that at this point the UN cant use force to get the weapons even though they are to be given to the UN for destruction. Kerry in response has said that if diplomacy fails than the military option is on the table. It will be interesting to see what follows in such a  Cold war-esque issue today.


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