Donnie Mayer, Entry 1

Syria Hails US-Russia Deal on Chemical Weapons



The framework for elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons says that Syria must provide full detail of their stockpile within one week with all chemical weapons eliminated by the middle of 2014. The president of Syria Bashar al-Assad’s is denying any use of chemical weapons and is accusing the rebels for carrying out the attack. This is a great alternative instead of potentially starting a war the UN is giving Syria a fair chance to comply. If Syria does not comply it is made clear that the U.S. along with other countries will attack.



This is a very fair compromise and since it is so fair I believe that the Syrian government will willingly comply. The United States and Russia have given Syria a very fair opportunity and if all goes as planned this will prevent any further action from continuing. I do believe that if Syria does not comply with the orders then it would only be right to take further military action on Syria. Since this is such a fair deal I believe that Syria will willingly comply but if they do not then the United States and Russia will for sure use military force.


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