Chris Ross Entry #1

Chris Ross Entry #1


This article talked about a bill in Missouri that was originally vetoed; and then one vote away from overriding the veto of Missouri’s Democratic Governor Jay Nixon. The objective of the bill was to essentially disregard any federal law that that infringes upon the rights given by the 2nd Amendment, within the state of Missouri. The bill would also ensure that any Federal agent who attempts to enforce these laws would be subject to misdemeanor charges in Missouri. The bill was originally vetoed, and when it got back in circulation it made it through the Missouri house, and then was a single vote shy in the state senate. A two-thirds majority was needed to pass, and it almost had just that. The Governor called the bill “unconstitutional”, while a handful of people thought it was “ridiculous” in the first place. However it is being said that the bill will be revisited in the 2014 session, so it surely is not over. 


If I had a say in this, I would have been in favor of this bill. Two of my favorite things about this country are the 2nd amendment and the fact that we were founded off of resistance to an out of control central government. A state has every right to make it laws and to decide what is going on within its lines, within certain guidelines of course. If the state feels that the federal government is out of line with something, and if they feel it is not in the best interest of those that they govern, than by all means they should have the right to do something about it. While the 2nd amendment is somewhat vague, our Founding Fathers had it in mind that the people shall always have “the right to keep and bear arms”. Regardless of how one interprets it, that is what was written all those years ago. I am confident that in the 2014 session that this bill will be passed in Missouri. A similar law is in place in Kansas, and I can only hope Virginia and surrounding states consider these possibilities as well. 








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