Adam Fenton, Entry #1

Adam Fenton, Entry #1


US and Syrian Relations

A Plea for Caution From Russia (9/11/13)

With Syrian president Bashar al-Assad using illegal and horribly inhumane chemical weapons on his own citizens, the UN has been prompted to act in response. U.S. president Barack Obama has made it clear that he is all for a limited military strike on Assad’s supporters in order to stop the gassings, but Russia’s Vladimir Putin states that this is not the right course of action from the UN. He fears that the UN will have the same fate as the League of Nations if individual countries take military action without Security Council allowing it. Putin believes an American military strike would spark more violence and even spread that violence past Syria’s borders further into the Middle East. He advocates peaceful compromise with the Syrians to reach a safe plan of government for the future.

Putin’s objections to American military action are completely understandable as it could possibly lead to further chaos and innocent deaths. But, on the other hand, I believe Obama is right in that some forceful act must be taken upon Assad in order to stop his mass murdering. A dictator with morals that allow him to gas thousands of his own citizens to death, including children, is not going to be the type of ruler to reach a reasonable compromise for a new form of government like Putin believes. A quick and successful military strike will have the most impact and best results in helping Syria start to reform, and as long as it as contained and overpowering then the violence will not get out of hand and spread. 



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