Juliet Zhu, entry#1


Syria/ principle of government 

US-Russia Reach Agreement on Syria Weapons 


  This article provides us with information about how Russia thinks about the chemical weapons in Syria. As we know, Obama shows a huge interest in using air strikes to destroy chemical weapons in Syria. After days of meetings, Russian finally agreed   with the U.S to use military actions to destroy the chemical weapons in Syria if Assad does not follow the rules of no chemical weapons.  

  Even though the Congress may not declare a war on Syria, President still can use military action toward Syria. In Obama’s speech about what to do with Syria, it seems that he is still willing to use air strikes on Syria. As he mentioned in the speech, every child is equal. The kids in Syria should have the same opportunity as the kids in the U.S. it is a pretty left and liberal thinking. Also the relationship between Russia and the U.S is still not well even after the Cold War. Now Russia agreed to stand on the U.S side showed the there is no boundary in justice. Countries and countries work together to fight for freedom and justice for all.




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