Julia Robinson, Entry #1

September 15th, 2013

US-Syria Involvement

Jerusalem Is First Stop as Kerry Seeks Support of Allies


Secretary of State John Kerry has recently been traveling abroad to allied countries in an effort to secure the support of the chemical weapon deal. He has most recently traveled to Jerusalem and will continue on to other allied areas such as France, Turkey, Britain, and Saudi Arabia. The prime minister of Israel spoke with John Kerry and it has been noted that Mr. Netanyahu confirmed that Israel will be fully prepared to any threats that may come from Syria. While Israel is ready to defend themselves, President Obama still supports the launch of a strike if Syria is unsuccessful in meeting its commitments. Another issue presented in this article is the Geneva agreement. The initial step with this agreement is for Syria to present a list of all their chemical weapons as well as their storage and manufacturing facilities. 


Although President Obama has said that he will wait to receive the votes from Congress on whether or not American should intervene in this Global issue, he is confident in his decision to perform an airstrike if Syria refuses to cooperate. While many Americans refuse to give the President their support with intervening, some agree with him in that if neither America nor its allies step in, Syria may begin to build up the confidence to continue using chemical weapons not only on its own people, but its surrounding countries. The pressure aimed toward President Assad with the Geneva agreement, will ultimately prevent him from expanding his power. The meetings between the allied countries, led by John Kerry, will result in a sense of isolation for President Assad. With this pressure and isolation aimed towards Syria, America and its allies will gain power and influence over President Assad.  



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