Jonathon Finley Blog Post #1

Syria Hails US-Russia Deal on Chemical Weapons


Recently in the news Russia and the US created a proposal as an attempt to veer from the use of military force. Syria accepted the proposal which states that an assessment of their stockpile must be completed within a week and that the stockpile will be eliminated by sometime mid-2014. China, France, England, the Arab League, and NATO all stated that they were satisfied with the agreement.  Russia, the US, and France have all come to terms that a military attack is a last option if Syria does not follow through with the acceptance of the proposal.


With Syria accepting the proposal it really is a waiting game to see if Assad carries through with the agreement. With several countries such as Russia, the US, and France stating they would attack if necessary, Assad should come through. Solving the issue of the chemical weapons is always a great thing, but then the issue of a military strike arises once again if Assad’s promises are not kept. It seems like the use of diplomacy with the backing of military force may be the way to go in the future if further issues along these lines rise.


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